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Results are in!

January 31, 2012

So let’s see where we’re at with this whole “Most Productive Employee of the Week” thing. Who will win? Who will receive the van?

To review…

Ann made me buy her some Red Bull, and during her caffeine high she started to reorganize all her files. Unfortunately, she crashed halfway through the project.

After drinking one huge can of cola, Bob switched to another soda that he thought was caffeinated. It wasn’t.

He spent about 50 percent of the week asleep, head-down on his desk, and the other 50 percent running to the bathroom.

Chachi found a tie, then upped the ante by adding an ill-fitting (but nicely pin-striped) jacket. He struck several poses that communicated “leadership” and “productivity.” I was impressed.

Ted napped next to his “productivity” poster, and had a dream that he was incredibly productive. In this contest, dreams about productivity do count, so he became a strong contender.

Derek secured our computer network, repaired the broken copier, organized all of our corporate records, successfully defended us in a critical lawsuit, filed our taxes for 2011, cleaned the crumbs out of all the keyboards, and saved an endangered polar bear from certain death.

And Sue? Sue carved my name out of wood.

Congratulations, Sue! Look at what you accomplished last week. It is amazing, and I love it. You win, hands down.

Ah, sweet victory. Enjoy the moment, Sue. And someone go get that van from the mailroom! Let’s give the gal her prize…

Next: Sue has to deal with the van

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 7, 2012 4:25 pm

    i’m sorry…i do not think i will make “the viewing” this evening. i have some carving to do:-)

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