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The van: problems emerge

February 3, 2012

So Sue was named “Most Productive Employee of the Week” and won the van. Hooray!

Double hooray because I really needed to get rid of that van. You have no idea. I would explain, but I don’t want to endanger your life bore you.

Sue was elated, of course. But problems presented themselves right away. For instance, the van was pretty small. There was absolutely no way Sue was going to fit inside.

Thankfully, the van came with a driver. A friendly little chap with a firm, albeit tiny, handshake.

Unfortunately the van was so small, the driver didn’t fit very well either. So he had to throw a brick on the pedal and then lie down across the front seat and try his best to steer. It wasn’t ideal.

Sue had to lie on top and hold on for dear life. Things got pretty hairy on the freeway.

Plus there was a lot of honking and jeering from other drivers.

Sue was starting to rethink her winnings.

Next: Van trouble continues. 

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  1. krista permalink
    February 7, 2012 4:30 pm

    LOVE the “freeway”! soooo wishing OUR freeway looked like that. i would totally re-think my 15 minute comfort radius.

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